A workshop dedicated to developing the student’s artistic voice. Each class will conclude with a critique of the artist’s efforts.

Limited Studio Class: 10 artists

Saturday and Sunday: 10 a.m - 5 p.m.

February 8-9: Tonalism with Chris Groves ($450)
Chris Groves is a tonal master. Learn how to think about value, its role in a painting and how to take control of it. Whistler, Sargent, Frank Tenney Johnson, William Ritschel all had stunning value simplicity in their work. A great painting starts before the brush meets the canvas, find out how.
Instructors: Chris Groves

March 14-15: Painting with Gouache with Mark Kelvin Horton and Chris Groves ($450)
Our most popular class. All three of our studio artists are in love with this opaque watercolor medium. It is easy to use and portable, as well as affordable and great for studies as well as finished work. Chris and Mark will show you how they use this very versatile medium.
Instructors: Chris Groves

April 18-19: Studio Painting in Stages with Larry Moore, Chris Groves and Mark Kelvin Horton ($400)
Two days of demonstration and discussion with all three of our artists. Rather than just launching in and getting lost, wouldn't it be better to develop a stronger painting through a series of sketches, studies and layers of paint application. (Studio and Observation)
Instructors: Chris Groves, Larry Moore and Mark Kelvin Horton

May 16-17: Design and Composition with Larry Moore, Chris Groves and Mark Kelvin Horton ($400)
The number one stumbling block to a successful painting is composition. Eye flow, hierarchy, line, shape, color, division of space and all the components of picture making that are critical to creating a dynamic painting. Larry, Chris and Mark each bring their unique take to the table. Don't miss this one. (Studio and Observation)
Instructors: Chris Groves, Larry Moore and Mark Kelvin Horton



Artists, Mark Kelvin Horton, Chris Groves and Larry Moore are now offering a limited number of private and semi-private lessons at Horton Hayes Fine Art Studio. A concentrated and directed lesson, whether on general painting skills, particular subject matter or materials and techniques, can advance your artistic abilities and bring new ideas and vitality to your work. Lessons can be tailored to your individual needs, interests and goals.
2 to 3 hour sessions are recommended.

Instruction Fees:
1 Student: $90/hour
2 Students: $120/hour
3 Students: $150/hour