A workshop series dedicated to developing the student’s artistic voice. Each class will conclude with a critique of the artist’s efforts.

Limited Studio Class: 8 artists

10 a.m - 5 p.m, $450 per class, each class taught or co-taught by Larry Moore, Chris Groves and Mark Kelvin Horton, as indicated.

January 19-20: Painting with Gouache
All three of our artists are in love with this opaque watercolor medium. It is easy to use and portable, as well as affordable and great for studies as well as finished work. Larry, Mark, and Chris will show you how they use this very versatile medium in the studio, and on location, although this workshop will be in the studio.
Instructors: Larry Moore, Mark Kelvin Horton, Chris Groves

February 23-24: Bring Your Concepts to Life
It's one thing to have an idea, but it's another to start and finish that idea. This class will show the participants how to break a painting down into steps, thinking in layers and building in levels to a more thought out painting. We focus on idea development on canvas, how to think about what you are doing in advance and in progress. We will work from small canvases to medium. The class is for oil painting, but if you wish to work in acrylic that is acceptable as well.
Principal Instructors: Mark Kelvin Horton and Larry Moore

March 16-17: Design and Composition: The Charleston City-scape (Studio and Outdoor Observation)
The number one stumbling block to good painting is composition. Eye flow, hierarchy, line, shape, color, division of space and all the components of picture making that are critical to creating a dynamic painting. Larry, Mark, and Chris each bring their unique take to the table.
Instructors: Larry Moore, Chris Groves, Mark Kelvin Horton

April 6-7: Stages of Developing a Large Studio Painting (Lecture and Demos Only)
Rather than just launching in and getting lost, wouldn't it be better to develop a stronger painting through a series of sketches, studies, block-ins and layers of paint application. Having a good idea for a painting is important but knowing how to bring it to life is equally important. This is a demo and lecture style class because of the scale and nature of the class-no materials needed for participants. .
Instructors: Larry Moore, Chris Groves, Mark Kelvin Horton



Artists, Mark Kelvin Horton, Chris Groves and Larry Moore are now offering a limited number of private and semi-private lessons at Horton Hayes Fine Art Studio. A concentrated and directed lesson, whether on general painting skills, particular subject matter or materials and techniques, can advance your artistic abilities and bring new ideas and vitality to your work. Lessons can be tailored to your individual needs, interests and goals.
2 to 3 hour sessions are recommended.

Instruction Fees:
1 Student: $90/hour
2 Students: $120/hour
3 Students: $150/hour