A workshop series dedicated to developing the student’s artistic voice. Each class will conclude with a critique of the artist’s efforts.

Limited Studio Class: 8 artists

$450 per class, each class taught or co-taught by Larry Moore, Chris Groves and Mark Horton, as indicated

September 29th-30th: Color Theory and Brushwork
Mixing pigments and getting more expressive work through your brush, this workshop focuses on color palettes, creating mood through color and brushstroke. You will learn about the relationships between colors, how they work with each other to make a painting come together and how to choose the best brush to suit your expressive needs.
Principal Instructor: Larry Moore
Assisted by Mark Horton and Chris Groves

October 20th-21st: Thinking Abstractly
A refreshing break from “reality”, artists are guided towards developing a more individualized voice to instill in his or her work. Students will break away from realism and learn to capture an image in an abstract, meaningful yet recognizable way.
Principal Instructor: Larry Moore
Assisted by Mark Horton and Chris Groves

November 10th-11th: The Marsh
From the Marsh Masters, this class focuses on creating dramatic and inspired oil paintings of the South Carolina Low country. Students will explore technique with an emphasis on value, shapes, color and edges.
Instructors: Chris Groves and Mark Horton

December 8th-9th: Cloudscapes and Tree-lines
The shapes found in clouds, trees and reflections on the river will be the focus of this workshop. Students will study soft edges, lines, space and shape to create original works of art that convey the beauty of the natural world.
Instructors: Chris Groves and Mark Horton



Artists, Mark Kelvin Horton, Chris Groves and Larry Moore are now offering a limited number of private and semi-private lessons at Horton Hayes Fine Art Studio. A concentrated and directed lesson, whether on general painting skills, particular subject matter or materials and techniques, can advance your artistic abilities and bring new ideas and vitality to your work. Lessons can be tailored to your individual needs, interests and goals.
2 to 3 hour sessions are recommended.

Instruction Fees:
1 Student: $90/hour
2 Students: $120/hour
3 Students: $150/hour