Clive R. Tyler


About the Artist:

Clive R. Tyler was raised in an encouraging artistic atmosphere. He studied Fine Art and Design at Kent State University (Ohio) with a double major and was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Twenty years later, after a successful design career, he set his goals to develop his fine art career. He quickly met his aims, moving onto the national art scene in just a few years. He is now one of the preeminent Pastelists on a national level, having devoted himself to his art for more than a decade. He is the recipient of invitationals from several national museums and has gained wide-ranging acceptance with both galleries and collectors.

Living in Taos, New Mexico, Tyler paints with integrity and seeks the truth in his subject matter. His classical oil painting style is unique for working in pastel and his experience working in oils informs his loose placement of color, attention to under-painting and his use of edges and emotional strokes in his work. With strong composition and attention to lighting, each piece imparts a unique emotional connection with the viewer. “Up close my paintings may seem to have an abstract quality,” notes Clive, “but from further away they appear as if you are looking through a window to the world outside.”

Tyler paints in soft pastel on a sanded paper from Germany. The pastels he uses are a French brand called Sennelier composed of a dry form of pigment/paint. This brand was created for Degas and Monet and some of the colors are the same ones they used. Pastel is made of pure pigment, ore and stone, so the colors glow with a luminous effect. All of Clive R. Tyler’s paintings are professionally framed with a minimally reflective museum quality glass.


Artist’s Statement:
“As a plein air and studio artist, I paint in natural surroundings and out in the open. I have always been inspired by nature and the quiet in the wilderness. I have been painting in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado for 10 years now and love the Winter Park, Colorado area, too. I also travel to Montana and Oregon to paint. Rivers, snow scenes, tall aspens, moose and elk are all on the list of work that I enjoy painting. Live oaks from the Southeast are on my new list of great trees to paint.

“I wish to share the outdoor experience that I have had and my interpretation of an impressionist point of view. As an artist, I am painting the experience, not a reproduction of the view. I want the viewer to wish to step into the painting, look around the corner, feel like they are looking up at the aspens, feel the temperature of the day, sense a feeling of the time, hear the sounds of leaves and thunder in the distant storm. Through color harmony, pastel pigment, texture, and a strong concept with good design and composition, I convey this to the viewer and evoke memories or desires. When viewers say, ‘I know where that is’ or ‘I wish I was there’ that is a successful painting.

“My studio work is created from my experiences in nature and from landscapes and wildlife in all four seasons. I add wildlife to some of my paintings if I have had the experience or have seen a similar view. Many times I'm painting outdoors and a hundred elk have surrounded me, walking around me, grazing and not even noticing me. It's a great feeling to be accepted by nature and not to be an intruder. I have had a mother moose and calf walk by my easel, I have stood and watched a herd of bison run through tall grass with the Tetons in the background as if I was back in time or in a movie. An eagle has sat and watched me paint in Alaska and I have watched a hawk build a nest in the Colorado aspens. When you are standing outside in one spot painting for hours, something will inevitably walk or fly by. So I wish the viewer to understand that the paintings I produce depict authentic experiences that they can take home with them to enjoy and cherish as if they too, were there.”


Exhibitions, Publications and Awards

2016 Feature Artist Fall Show, InSight Gallery, Fredericksburg, Texas
2016 Art Juror for the NM Plein Air Painters National Show
2016 Honorable Mention Plein Air Festival, Santa Fe, NM

2015 Faculty for the National Plein Air Convention Monterey, CA
2015 Best Quick Draw Painting Award, Buffalo Bill Museum Art Auction, Cody, WY
2015 Best Pastel Award, American Impressionist Society
2015 Brinton Museum, Invitational Miniature show, Sheridan, WY
2015 Invitational Heart of the West, Masters art show,Coeur d’Alene Resort,ID

2014 Booth Museum Cartersville Ga. Acquisition and Teaching
2014 Coors Foundation purchase Aspen 3 series. Corporate Collection Denver, CO

2013 American Impressionist National Show, Award of Excellence
2013 Artist Choice Award Easton Maryland Waterfowl Art show
2013 Buffalo Bill Museum, Cody, WY  Invitational Art Auction

2012 Grand Prize Winner “Paint America Top100” Purchase Award, Coutts Museum
2012 People’s Choice Award at the Buffalo Bill Art Show, Quick-Draw & Sale, Buffalo Bill Museum, Cody, WY
2012 Art Book “Art Journey America LANDSCAPES, 89 Painters’ Perspectives
2012 February Issue Pastel Journal Art Magazine, Article “River Runs though it”
2012 Feb. South Eastern Wildlife Expo, Charleston South Carolina
2012 Miniature Show, Settler’s West Gallery, Tucson, AZ
2012 Miniature Show, Millicent Rogers Museum, Taos, NM
2012 Invitational Greeley Stampede Art Show, Greeley Colorado
2012 Buffalo Bill Art Show, Quick-Draw & Sale, Buffalo Bill Museum, Cody, Wyoming

2011 Top 100 Award Paint America National Competition
2011 March Issue SouthWest Art Magazine, Article “One with Nature”
2011 American Impressionist & Miniature Show. Carmel, California
2011 Waterfowl Art Festival, Easton, Maryland
2011 Best of Show, South Eastern Wildlife Expo, Charleston South Carolina
2011 Masters in Miniature, Settler’s West Gallery, Tucson Arizona
2011 C. M. Russell Auction, C.M Russell Museum, Great Falls, Montana
2011 Summer Show, Settler’s West Gallery, Tucson Arizona
2011 A.R. Mitchell Museum, Co. "Invitational Show" Museum Auction
2011 Buffalo Bill Art Show, Quick-Draw & Sale, Buffalo Bill Museum, Cody, Wyoming
2011 The Richard Schmid Art Auction, Rist Canyon, Bellview, Colorado
2011 First Place/Best of Show, Waterfowl Art Festival, Easton, Maryland
2011 Plantation Wildlife Art Festival, Thomasville, Georgia
2011 Best of Show, The Madden Museum “Windows of the Divine” Denver, Colorado

2010 Published by Kennedy Publishing: Best of America / Pastel vol.2 and Best of Worldwide Pastel vol.2
2010 C. M. Russell Miniature, C.M Russell Museum, Great Falls, Montana
2010 North Western Wildlife Expo, Charleston South Carolina
2010 Buffalo Bill Art show and Sale, Buffalo Bill Museum, Cody, Wyoming
2010 Feature Artist Plantation Wildlife Art Festival, Thomasville, Georgia
2010 First Annual Autumn Art Challenge on Facebook First Place in Pastel Category
2010 Elkhorn Gallery, Colorado “Four Seasons”
2010 Judge for the Pastel Society of New Mexico National Show 2010 Best of Show & First Place, Windows of the Divine, Evergreen Fine Art Gallery, Evergreen, Colorado
2010 Saks Gallery, Denver “The American Frontier Three Centuries of Western Artist"

2006-2012 Invitational Greeley Stampede Art Show, Greeley Colorado
2010-2011 Great American West Show, Settler’s West Gallery, Tucson AZ

2009 Awarded in the Top 100 Pastel Journal 5th place, Landscape.
2009 Selected By SouthWest Art Magazine as "One of the Top Ten Artist to be Collected in the West"

2008 Awarded in the Top 100 Pastel Journal. 3rd place and 5th and 7th place.
2008 Best of Show, Colorado Plein Air Painters, Judge Ramon Kelley.

2007 Awarded in the Top 100 Pastel Journal. 4th place and 8th place.
2007 People's Choice Award 03, Winter Park, CO, Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters

2005 and 2008 Merit Award of Excellence Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters
2005 Elected Membership: Pastel Society of America

2003-08 Colorado Governor's Invitational Art Show, Loveland Art Museum, Co
2003 Best of Show, Museum of Outdoors Arts, Denver, Colorado (Judge Quang Ho)

2002 Museum of Contemporary Art Rocky Mountain Biennial, Fort Collins, Colorado); Merit Award of Excellence

2000 Merit of Excellence Award 2000 A.R. Mitchell Museum, Trinidad Arts Council, Trinidad, CO
2000 Art Exhibit at The Leanin' Tree Art Museum, Boulder, Colorado